Baby Lock Sewing Machines: Grace


If you consider yourself a beginner, you might have come across one of the Baby Lock sewing machines while you are looking for your first set. Apparently, the task of seeking the most fitting sewing machine for one who’s just starting to discover the art and enjoyment of sewing may not be easy. However, you might not need to look further. As a beginner, what you need is the basics, and these are what you’ll find with something like the Baby Lock Grace.

Grace is one among the A-line series of Baby Lock sewing machines. While the name of this machine, including the others in the series, were curiosly taken from popular girls’ names, it is its simplicity and functionality that made it something that’s worth considering.

Baby-Lock-Sewing-MachinesIt appears that this is favorable not only for beginners, but also for experienced seamstresses and tailors as well. This is likely due to how easy the machine can be operated.Sure, it doesn’t do a lot of things that other more complex sewing machines can do, but a lot of users ind that the Grace is easier to use.

Grace allows you to perform 40 different kinds of stitches, which includes several appliqué and stippling, zigzag, quilting, and decorative stitches. It features an LED screen so you can navigate the options easier, as well as a quick-set bobbin. The only thing that you really need to do is drop the bobbin and allow the machine to do everything else for you.

There is also an instructional threading guide that is certainly most useful for beginners. The Grace also has an automatic threader and a button holder, allowing for achieving perfect buttonholes with a single step.

Baby-Lock-Sewing-MachineOne of the best things about Grace that most beginners will definitely find fascinating is that they could use one of the 40 kinds of stitches with a quick turn on the dial. It is also nice that no unnecessary motions come from the machine when switching speed or the type of stitch, keeping your work seamless.

If you plan on using decorative stitches, attaching zippers, or doing tasks where full attention is required, it’s advisable to put the speed at medium level. However, if you’re going to sew straight seams that are lengthy, it’s best to set the speed at the highest level.

On a side note, though, the position of Grace’s presser foot lever is not something many may find easy to reach, although being accustomed to this can quickly be achieved after a number of uses.

The Grace is one of the more user-friendly and easy-to-operate models that came from Baby Lock sewing machines, it definitely deserves consideration for beginners seeking a machine that fits their current sewing skill. [Read more baby lock sewing machines … ]

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