Brother Designio Series DZ-1234 Serger Machine Review


The Brother Designio Series DZ-1234 Serger is a serging machine that is currently up for sale in at a discounted price. The original price of this serging machine is listed at $599.00 but it is listed now at only $229.99. Although its price is relatively low, will this machine be able to stand out among its competitors? Read this review article to find out.

Overview and Contents of the Brother Designio Series DZ-1234 Serger

The Brother Designio Series DZ-1234 Serger is a serging machine that is packaged alongside useful items that will help beginners start serging. This machine is packaged with 3 serging feet composed of a blind hem stitch foot, a piping foot, and a gathering foot. Aside from these, the package also comes with 2 sets of thread that can easily be handled by beginners. All in all, these bonuses are worth around $75. Of course, all of the necessary accessories such as the thread spool cap, trim trap, and hexagonal wrench are included in the package.

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Specification of the Brother DZ-1234 Serger Machine

The Brother DZ-1234 Serger machine is packed with useful features that are appealing to both beginners and experienced sergers. The first of these features is the fast sewing speed. The serging machine is capable of sewing up to 1,300 stitches per minute resulting to fashion designs that are similar to couture-level designs. The next feature is the convertible sewing surface that can easily switch between a free arm and a flat bed. Next up is the easy threading system which makes use of color-coded threads for easy threading. The fourth feature is the stitch width control which enables users to adjust the stitch width from 3.0mm up to 7.0mm with a switch of the dial. There is also a feed ratio adjuster which regulates the differential speed ratios from 0.7 to 2.0. Finally, the product comes with Brother’s 25 year limited warranty for assurance purposes.

My Review of the Brother DZ-1234 Serger Machine


At first, the Brother DZ-1234 Serger machine may not seem much because of its low price and simplistic looks. However, once the machine is used, everything changes. Users will have a blast with this machine thanks to its intuitive design and ease of operation. The fast sewing speed would mean that designs would be finished quicker compared to other serging machines. The included items are also very welcome since they help in getting the perfect fashion design. I would surely recommend this serging machine for people who are looking for a reliable serging machine and are on a tight budget. [Read more …]

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