Options for Brother Embroidery Machines


Because of the sheer number of models and the impeccable reputation of Brother Embroidery machines, it is never easy knowing which is the best, or at very least, the best for you. Since you’ve decided to go for what this company has to offer, you might want to know more about the different kinds of embroidery machines they have in store for you.

Additionally, you have to determine what purpose the machine is for. Some people purchase one just because they want to sew as a relaxing hobby. Other people, however, may choose to buy one of the Brother Embroidery machines because they know it can be a good investment and they can actually use them to make a living. Regardless, here are a few ideas for sewing machine models to start with.


The XE VE2200 is capable of creating a mind-boggling 318 designs, which is excellent if you’re seeking functionality from an embroidery machine. It also offers a couple dozen of embroidery fonts and 140 combinations of frame patterns. This allows you to make detailed embroidery patterns without too much trouble.

Brother-Embroidery-Machines-For-SaleEntrepreneur Pro

The PR1000e is easily one of Brother’s more popular embroidery products, probably because it makes eyelet threading easy. An enticing feature of this product is the big LCD touch screen. Additionally, it offers 110 built-in designs, along with decorative designs and adjustable fonts.

Simplicity SB7050E

This machine is featured with 5 fonts for lettering and 120 designs. Pattern rotation is made easy by this machine, while the LCD screen makes embroidering designs a lot easier. Additionally, it offers pattern rotation that beginners will find really useful. These, along with its advanced threading feature, are enough reasons for any beginner to find its name on top of their list of options for Brother Embroidery machines.

Entrepreneur PR655

A simpler model than the PR1000e, the Entrepreneur PR655 is built with 28 fonts and 25 designs. Its 6-needle, single head allows for embroidering huge areas with ease.


If you’re seeking maximum functionality from embroidery machine, your best choice is probably the PE-780D. This particular machine is packed with 188 built-in designs. There are even designs based on popular Disney characters, which is quite an enticing feature. Designs can be edited through its touch screen so your specific needs are easily met.


The PE500 is perfect for beginners with not that much in terms of a budget.

It offers 70- built-in designs with 120 combinations of frame patterns; more than enough features for budding tailors. [Read more best embroidery machine]

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